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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby Belly

What many of you have been begging for: Belly Pics! We've hesitated sharing these or letting ourselves get too excited until after the surgery was successful. :-) Happy to share now, except that you will all be disappointed. Not much of a baby belly yet! 

Flynnie was feeling left out....

How Far Along: 16 wks 4 days
Size of baby: 4.6in (crown to rump), size of an avocado
Weight gain: 10ish (I'm hoping getting back to the gym will curb this number a bit!)
Maternity Clothes: Not quite using them yet, but I have some! I've been shopping sales and my lovely sister in law sent me some all the way from Seattle!
Gender: too early to tell
Movement: Haven't felt much ... but not technically supposed to yet with 1st baby.
Sleep: I currently use 4-5 pillows and get up to use the bathroom at least once. So far, have nothing to complain about yet though. 
Milestones: safely through surgery and into the 2nd trimester!
Symptoms:  nope not really. Feeling great.
What I miss: Beer, Wine, Earl Grey tea, runny egg yokes
Cravings: Anything carb sounds great. Bagels, Bread, Bagels, Rice, Pasta, Cereal, did I mention Bagels?. .... doing my best to eat more veggies and fruit to curb the weight gain a bit. 
What I'm looking forward to: looking slightly pregnant - instead of just feeling bloated and large in the midsection :-)

9 wk ultrasound picture - it's a Gummy Bear!

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